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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reggaeholics "Nice Up The Dance"

The Reggaeholics Experience

Unadulterated Reggae Music and Positive Vibes
Returns to the Village in Grand Style

New York, August 2, 2009… On Friday, July 31, 2009 the overwhelming consensus among the multicultural swarms of attendees at the July 31st Reggaeholics “Nice Up The Dance” is that it certainly was an evening of incredible music, positive vibes, and great fun. Promoters NY Reggae Linkups and Turntable Productions promised and delivered even more to the total delight of attendees. Nice Up The Dance featured 5 top Reggae Sound Systems and the question throughout the evening was “when is the next one?” This expression of total approval was truly well deserved.
Billed as an event for Real Reggae Lovers, the thrill of 70’s to the latest Roots, Culture and Conscious Dancehall music selected by top industry Sound Systems fueled an excited incoming crowd who came out early looking their best and then danced the night away. Even an early rain storm and continued threat of harsh overnight thundershowers did not put a damper on the enthusiasm of partygoers. A great sign of how well the evening would go was clear by 11:30 PM as the extremely spacious Don Hill’s Nightclub filled early followed by a constant stream of arrivals throughout the evening. The promoters promised us “great music from Reggae icons to today’s most popular artists selected by 5 top NY Sound Systems” and the audience got that and much, much more.
Added to an already incredible lineup two additional Sound Systems made a surprise appearance kicking off the evening and expertly setting the pace. Be on the lookout for DJ Trutones of Sound Provisions, followed without a hitch by Japanese sensations Busta Bee and Step of Jam Rider, the three-time Reggae Ravers Sound Clash Champions. By midnight the featured Sound Systems took the stage and were all truly magnificent: DJ Mystery of Chung International, Selector Bigga Mention of Ruddy Virgo International, DJ Mikey Assassin of Demolition Sound, DJ Gringo of Stateside Revolution, and Selector AllStar and Father Vinny of King Crown International drove attendees to frenzy. As each DJ’s set brought down the house, proven by the loud spontaneous whoops and hollers of attendees, the night seemed to end all too quickly. In all, 7 Sound Systems performed keeping the energy level high and proving that Roots & Culture and Conscious Dancehall music still reigns. Best of all, it was an unprecedented night of Sound System unity and camaraderie seldom seen and felt by all. After the music ended, guests lingered inside the club unwilling just yet to give up the positive vibes generated. In terms of measuring a response, it doesn’t get any easier than that.
Sponsored by Baba Roots USA, Culture Jam 93.5 FM, Royal Movements, and Conscious NYC, supported by over 150 members of NYC Roots Reggae and Live Reggae NYC social networks and dozens of other Sound Systems in attendance, for everyone it was unquestionably the best night of unadulterated Reggae music New York Reggae fans have experienced in a very long time, especially in the Village—traditionally a melting pot for creativity and music of all types. The next Reggaeholics “Nice Up The Dance” is already set to hit the NY Reggae circuit in September 2009 at Don Hill’s. For additional information and to sign up for VIP admission E-mail